One Two Three BBQ - Special Combinations
Combinaciones Especiales
 Special Combinations
* Todas las combinaciones con 1 acompañante
* All with 1 side item 
123Parrillada                                                                        $9.50
            (Churrasco, Pechuga de pollo, Chuleta Ahumada y Chorizo)
             (Steak, Chicken Breast, Pork Chop and Sausage)
Nueva Parrillada                                                                   $9.50
          (Churrasco, Pollo asado, Costilla y Chorizo)
             (Steak, Chicken, Ribs and Sausage)
Trio especial Pollo Asado, Costilla & Churrasco              $9.00
           Special Combination Chicken, Ribs & Skirt steak
Mar y Tierra (Pescado, Pollo y Churrasco)                        $9.00
           Surf and Turf (Fish, chicken & Steak)
Pechuga y Bistec de Cerdo                                                 $8.50
            Chicken Breast & Pork Steak
Churrasco y Costilla                                                             $8.50
             Skirt Steak & ribs
Pollo Asado y Costilla                                                          $8.50
           Chicken & Ribs
Palomilla y Chuleta Ahumada                                             $8.50
            Steak & Smoked Pork Chop
Churrasco y Bistec de Puerco                                           $8.50
           Skirt Steak & Pork Steak

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